Guest Post By: Vittoria Triulcio

Sales And Marketing Consultants Providing Helpful Tips for Your Business

Building your brand presence and engaging with new customers, may sound like a daunting task but, it really doesn’t need to be. We’ve compiled some useful tips from our expert marketing consultants at Small Chilli Marketing to help you achieve effective results. Our simple tips and suggestions can help you generate new leads and improve your visibility online and your sales.

As Sales and marketing consultants we know that finding new customers can be a key challenge so below are some great ideas for increasing your brand awareness and engaging with prospective clients and customers:

1. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Business groups are a great way to enrich your knowledge of running a business and a great place to receive support and advice from other business owners. Facebook groups can be a powerful tool, used to help businesses connect. Resources, tools and advice is often shared within Facebook Business Groups and it can be a place where you can promote your products or services. In these online groups you can meet like-minded business owners or even prospective new clients.  Be sure to check out Business Business Business and Small Business Owners Australia or Victorian Business Network on Facebook.

2. Local SEO

Ensure your business is set-up on Google My Business which is Google’s maps listing and review platform.  One of the key things your business should do during this time is to ensure that your Google My Business Page is listed, verified and actively used for customer reviews. As customers continue to shop for products and services in their local area during this time, there is no better time to start improving your SEO and enhancing your local presence then now! Optimise your business’s local SEO by updating descriptions and improve the credibility of your business by asking your customers for Google reviews.

3. Content Marketing

As small business owners, when we’re busy and have too many things that need our attention, creating content can inevitably slip through the cracks. A successful social media strategy requires regular publishing and engaging with followers, but how can we make this task easier? Using a social media content calendar can help you plan out regular content on all your social media channels and schedule posts for you to save time. Take advantage of scheduling features within the software or use paid social media management tools such as Buffer.  Our sales and marketing consultants can help you create a social media calendar, generate ideas for blog content, or create the content for you and take care of the social media management.  You can try the DIY approach or get in touch with us if you need help.

4. Boost Sales Through PR

Generate PR to create interest and awareness for your business. An effective PR campaign can help drive more traffic to your page and generate sales.  As Sales and marketing consultants we understand how PR can help boost awareness of your brand, and how it can reach new customers and help increase your credibility and business reputation.

We hope this list provides you with some practical tips and inspiration to keep you focused on growing your business. If you get stuck or need more help from sales and marketing consultants. Check out the Small Chilli Marketing blog or our Facebook business page or  get in touch.  We love seeing our clients succeed and love sharing in your success.
Stay positive, healthy and well, please remember we are here to support you and your business.

The Small Chilli Marketing Team