Small Business Marketing Companies What To Consider

Guest Post by: Vittoria Triulcio

In today’s competitive marketplace small businesses may be considering investing in digital marketing, whether that be setting up a website, improving their SEO, paid advertising, or creating content for their social media pages.  With marketing changing so much each day, it’s even harder for small business owners to understand what their marketing needs are and how to go about hiring a small business marketing company that is the right fit for their business.

Here are a few things you should look for in a small business marketing company:

Marketing Expertise

A marketing firm’s success is dependent on the skills and success of its staff.  Look for qualified, highly experienced staff that are certified practising marketers (CPM’s) with several years of experience.  A good marketing firm has experts in the fields of design, copywriting, digital, planning and strategy and more.

Understands your goals quickly

Look for agencies that can understand the short-term and long-term goals of your business and can help me achieve them.  Look for  consultants that ask the right questions and can get a strong understanding of your business and your needs quickly.

Deep and varied marketing experience

Look for a marketing agency that offers a consultation or strategy session. This means that they will spend time up front understanding your business and give you the chance to ask questions and better understand the approach that they will take with your marketing projects and campaigns.

Responsive – Easy to work with and gets results

Look for evidence that they are easy to work with, produce great results and communicate well with their clients.  Look for testimonials from happy clients and take a look at samples for their past work.

Small Business Marketing Companies v’s Digital Marketing Agencies

Is there are difference you ask?  Yes there.  Digital marketers’ main purpose is to help your business navigate the digital world by engaging your audience and creating content for various channels. This may result in short term leads but can often be tactical in nature and not always strategically focused. Often with digital, more traditional offline marketing activities are not covered. Small Business Marketing agencies look at your business from a broader perspective and cover offline activities too such as events, trade shows, brochures, signage, flyers, business development and / or PR.

A digital strategy encompasses so much more than Facebook advertising and SEO alone, it involves creating a marketing strategy, understanding your business and target audience. The team at Small Chilli work with clients to understand their business needs not just from a tactical perspective but take a much more strategic long term view of the business from a holistic marketing perspective which included both online and offline activities.

It can be easy to be misled by terms such as ‘Digital Marketing Gurus’. Digital Marketing agencies may be knowledgeable in a variety of digital marketing techniques but please do your research and be mindful, as unfortunately there are some under-qualified operators out there who make some big claims, make sure you do your homework!

Mistakes to avoid when outsourcing Marketing Activities

If you want your small business to get better results, you must first have an understanding of your overall marketing strategy. Don’t get caught up in empty promises of ‘x’ number of followers in a month or easy ways to grow your email list. Digital marketing may seem easy on the surface however it needs good strategy behind it and you may not always going to see results straight away.

We are marketing consultants specialising in small to medium sized business. We create personalised marketing strategies and explain every single component in the strategy so that business owners understand what results they could expect to see from those marketing activities. As small business marketing consultants we can offer you a highly personalised service and a more in-depth understanding of the consumers you are targeting through our knowledge and experience of working with various industries.

Small Business Marketing Company – Small Chilli Marketing

Small business owners want to hire experts in the field that can get results and provide holistic marketing plans to help  grow businesses and  improve profits.  If you are not sure where to start with your marketing, don’t have the time, or need some specific help setting up your website, landing pages or improving your digital strategy, Reach out to us.