We have an awesome new senior marketing consultant.

Welcome aboard Tennille

Marketing Consultant Melbourne Tennille Wong

Tennille Wong is our new senior marketing consultant.  She is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of experience and it is with great pleasure that we welcome her to the Small Chilli Marketing team.  For us it’s even better than a giant chocolate bar 🙂

To get to know Tennille a little better, I bribed her with chocolates and the promise of hot chips with chicken salt and extra sauce, just to make sure I could get this exclusive interview below.  I hope it helps give you a glimpse into her friendly personality.  Perhaps you will also get some insight into her extensive marketing expertise.

Q.1 Can you tell us a little bit about your past marketing experience.

It’s hard to believe I’ve spent more than 20 years working in the field of marketing!  I was lucky enough to secure a graduate position at IBM Australia whilst I was at Monash University studying my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree.  IBM are a great B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing company, and have created some of the best technology campaigns of all time.   Many people don’t realise that terms such as “e-business” and “Smarter Cities” were first coined by IBM.  During my 17 years there I worked in several different roles.  This included launching and managing the marketing for new products or services.  Managing a team to grow phone and web-based sales in ibm.com through to growing IBM’s market share in the telecommunications industry.  All roles would always start with the creation of a solid, well thought through marketing plan to identify relevant target audiences, competitors and market trends.  Then a series of strategies, campaigns and tactics would be identified to grow sales pipeline and revenue within the market.

My most recent role prior to working at Small Chilli Marketing was at Motorola Solutions where I was responsible for increasing Motorola’s market share in industries such as Minerals & Energy.  I was also in charge or increasing their channel partner business.  I loved working with the channel partners, who are all small to medium businesses, to formulate and roll out campaigns to help them reach new customers.

I have always enjoyed working on “integrated campaigns” which incorporate multiple elements of the marketing mix – such as events, content marketing, digital, social media and public relations.

Q2.  What do you like most about working in marketing? 

It might sound crazy, but I have known since high school that I wanted to work in marketing.  I was hooked after a two week work experience stint in an advertising agency during Year 10.  I love the creative nature of marketing, and I am often happiest in a role where a new marketing strategy is being defined from scratch.  I also love to see the impact and results of good marketing – as a manager once said to me, “A marketing plan is only as good as the execution and the results it generates”.  As more and more marketing moves into the digital world, I am excited by the possibilities being presented by newer areas such as marketing automation and artificial intelligence.  Marketing is constantly evolving!

Q3. During your time at Small Chilli Marketing so far, what do you see as the most important opportunity areas for small businesses when it comes to marketing?

There have never been as many marketing tools available to small businesses as there is right now – the trick is to know where to invest to get the best bang for buck.  Obviously having an engaging, content rich website which helps customers through their purchase decision process is an absolute must.  Optimising the website for search, ensuring it is mobile responsive, keeping content fresh, are the other basics to have in place.

I also think marketing on social media can allow a small business to really pin point their target audience with key selling messages.  Using video in innovative ways can result in higher engagement and sales (eg. a video explaining how a product is used).

Lastly, it’s important to have a strong marketing plan in place which clearly defines everything about their target audience, what’s going on in the broader market, and the key strategies to reach out to prospects and customers.  Without a proper plan defining all the marketing activities, you are really shooting in the dark.

Q4. What do you think makes ‘a good marketing consultant’?

I would say a good marketing consultant needs good listening skills. listening very carefully to your customerunderstanding the problems they are trying to solve, and matching the services you can provide to the outcomes they are trying to achieve.  Small to medium businesses need to make every dollar count, so whatever you recommend needs to have the maximum impact.

It’s also really important to be across the latest marketing techniques, as technology is making new things possible every day.  Often these technologies are particularly applicable to small businesses – whereas once you’d need a large budget to pay advertising agencies or web developers to create a new campaign, new software tools make it possible for many businesses to do it a lot more cost effectively.

Q5. What are the key areas that you think you can help Small Chilli clients excel in when it comes to communications and marketing? 


I am very passionate about marketing strategy, and I really enjoy understanding a clients business & the market they operate in to create a marketing or promotional plan for their business.  I have created dozens of these plans during my career, each one unique in content, but following a similar structure.

I also love creating great content for clients – whether that be through email marketing, social media, PR or web.  I will put myself in the shoes of the end user audience to craft words that really appeal to them.  It’s critical to think about the different content that will help the end user through their purchase journey, from initial awareness of the product or service through to the sale and beyond.

Lastly, I have had a lot of experience in events – from smaller workshops through to large trade shows.  I recently helped a client to create a large trade show stand at a major foods expo, including pre and post event marketing activities to boost sales lead generation.  Events are a great way to connect face-to-face with potential clients, boost awareness for your brand and generate new leads.

I hope you will join me in making Tennille feel welcome.  As always, we are here to support your small business and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Effie Cinanni 
Small Chilli Marketing

Tennille Wong is a senior marketing consultant at Small Chilli Marketing with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in managerial roles for IBM and Motorola Solutions Australia and has led marketing campaigns for large and complex information technology and telecommunications solutions.  She is passionate about marketing and understands all aspects of industry, product and channel marketing across both traditional and digital mediums.