Goal Setting for your Small Business in 2021

Goal Setting for your Small Business

No one could have ever predicted the unprecedented disruption of what 2020 unleashed on the globe. The world of work has gone through immense change, with lockdowns forcing remote working and accelerating digital transformation. In less than a year, there has been so much change for businesses throughout Australia and around the world.

With that in mind it’s important to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we have managed to achieve during some of the most difficult days of our lifetimes. As we enter into the new year, January is a great time to reflect on 2020 and its many tough lessons. It’s also a great time to plan for the year ahead. In 2020 many business owners learned the hard way that without online visibility and a digital presence their businesses would surely fail. If your clients can’t get to you physically, you need to be accessible to them online so now more than ever, a strong digital presence is vital to ongoing business success but what else is important to focus on in 2021?

To help you plan we’ve shared some exploratory questions below to allow you to look back on what you achieved but also to look forward at all the possibilities the future holds. Pull out a sheet of paper, open a Word document or take notes on your mobile device and just spend 15-20 minutes working through the questions below. They will act as a tool to help you gain clarity about the things that you desire to achieve in 2021.

Creating Powerful Intentions – Take a moment to reflect and plan

1. Reflect on 2020 and your achievements.
List them. Remembering that it was a year that often brought with it challenges that were unpredictable and out of our control.

2. Take a moment to give yourself credit for what you’ve done and how you were able to get through the tough times.

3. Think about what you’ve learned and how you and your business have grown.

4. What skills did you develop?

5. What have you been putting off that needs to change in 2021?

6. Set some goals for 2021.

  • Think about what you ultimately want to achieve?
  • Why do I want to achieve that?
  • Aim to make your goals S.M.A.R.T, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based.

Write down your goals, be specific, put timeframes around them.  Think about some of the steps that you might need to take to fulfil your goals. What are those steps? An example of a SMART goal may be:

Walk for 30 Minutes 3 Days a Week for the next 6 months.

The steps towards it might be to block out 3 mornings in your diary and set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier on those days.

Your goals may be in a variety of areas of your life, think about what is most important to you:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Work or Career related
  • Family & Relationships
  • Financial Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Social & Hobbies
  • Community & Giving back

6. Think about your business. Do you want to grow it? How do you want to grow your business?

7. What have you been putting off that needs to change this year?

One of the best ways you can support yourself in achieving your goals is to make yourself accountable to someone else. Tell a trusted partner, friend or colleague about your plans. Then make a commitment to get together monthly to check in on each others progress and to support each other on your respective journeys. Use motivational notes and posters set around your home or work desk as friendly reminders to keep you on track for the tricker goals.

Why bother with goal setting for my Small Business?

You will feel more directed and be able to achieve your goals more effortlessly if you are clear on what they are and monitor them regularly. When establishing your goals think about what you want to be known for as you go through life. Goal setting and achieving your goals helps to build self belief and helps you to focus on the things that are most important in your life.

Think about a secret dream you would just love to fulfil and let that help drive your goal setting. Then regularly check in with yourself – is this (task) helping me achieve X objective? If it’s not, then why am I doing it? Stop wasting time and focus on the stuff that will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Take inspiration from those who are already succeeding and set your goals high. For more tips on Small Business Success check out our blog post here.