Facebook Advertising Tips

1. Define your conversion event – Establish your goal.

Firstly, understanding what you want to achieve through your Facebook Advertising and setting up your campaign to achieve that goal is really important to your campaign’s success.
Do you want?

  • To increase traffic to your website?
  • Are you looking for conversions?  (Conversions are aimed at increasing sales).
  • To build brand awareness?
  • Generate leads?
  • App installs?
  • More customer engagement?

There are lots of different goals and each business is different, so identifying what is most important to your business and what you want out of your advertising, helps to determine how your facebook campaign should be set up.

2. Know your audience

Good Facebook Advertising means you need to start by really understanding what motivates your audience.  Try and determine what their pain points might be, or what their desires are?  Are they looking to solve a problem, or do they aspire to look stylish, glamorous or successful?

What barriers or problems do they need to solve? Select images that will spark their attention and will be really appealing to them. You want them to stop scrolling AND to click on your Ads. Think about what frustrates them and how your product or service can help them. Keep these things in mind when you are putting together your Ad copy.

3. Use great images and eye-catching visuals

When putting together Ad copy for your Facebook Advertising campaign think about your target audience and really choose images and headlines that are going to make your audience stop and pay attention.  You want to develop some great Ad content that stops people from scrolling.  Remember great creative gets noticed and great headlines are important too.

Faces, babies and puppies seems to work, as people like to connect with other people but make sure the images are ‘relevant’ to the product or service. It’s got to make sense.  Try and be specific, for instance, if you sell ice cream show an image of someone eating your ice cream or enjoying ice cream with friends.
Use colour to attract attention. The other thing you can do with your images is use nice big bold colour to stand out. Remember to test the Ads to see which versions of the advertisement work best, there are even A/B Testing functions within Facebook that allow you to test different images to see what works best and what resonates with your audience.

4. Chose the right Ad format

There are several types of Ad formats to choose from within Facebook. From image Ads, to video and carousel Ads.  You may find that your audience prefers one type over the other.  Think about what you are trying to promote and then select the ‘Ad type’ based on what you think will showcase the product or service best.

5. Use Facebook targeting features to advertise to the right groups

Carefully select your audience using the targeting functions that Facebook offers.

6. Engage with people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

There are functions such as look a-like audiences and ways to retarget your ads that allow you to get back in front of an audience that has previously shown interest in your business or products.  Or they have similar demographics or interests to your existing audience.

7. Include a value proposition & a strong Call To Action

Spark their interest, make them interested in what you have to offer.  Explain what “value” they will get by doing business wth you. Include a strong call to action like “Book Now” or “Buy Now”.

8. Monitor and improve your ads – Use Facebook insights

Use Facebooks reporting, data and insights to determine which Ads are performing well and which are achieving the best results.   Look at the data to see whether there is a particular Ad or Ad format that perform well.  Tweak your Ads so that they perform better.  Is the targeting too specific, do you need to broaden your audience? Or perhaps your budget is too low.

There are lots of resources available online to assist you with your Facebook Ads but if you are time poor or want to leave it to the experts contact Small Chilli Marketingtoday we’ve had lots of success increasing sales, bookings and online enrolments for several happy customers.  Contact us and request a copy our Social Media packages.

Stay positive, healthy and well, we are here to support you and help you achieve business success.