Low Cost Marketing ideas for Small Business

Business owners often wear many hats, from managing cashflow, to improving productivity, to hiring the right staff, they are pulled in so many directions.  Yet one of the most important functions of any business is sales. 

Without sales, a business is not sustainable. 

It’s that simple. 

Marketing, which serves as a conduit for sales, is often overlooked, often until sales take a dive or a business has hit crisis point. Despite this and in order to keep growing your business, increasing sales and moving in the right direction, I’ve put together some tips to help you become more pro-active with your marketing in 2020. Here are some simple, actionable tips for you to implement. 

These clever, low cost marketing ideas will help you:

  • Get some quick wins, 
  • Get more out of your marketing budget, 
  • Assist you to start thinking and planning your marketing efforts for 2020. 

Low Cost marketing ideas for Small Businesses that are easy to implement.

  1. Display testimonials from happy customers on your website.
  2. Display logos and accreditations on your website that provide proof of your expertise and help build trust.  For example: A Security business could display an Australian Security Industry Association Limited logo, or a manufacturing business could display an International organisation for Standardization, ISO Quality logo on their website.
  1. Request Google Reviews. Ask your customers for a Google review. Here’s some information on how to write Google reviews
  2. Create a business page on LinkedIn. It’s free.
  3. Identify any other social media platforms that might be a good fit for your business and create business pages and engage with prospective or existing customers online. For example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat.
  4. Use Email Marketing to connect with your existing customers and tell them about new products, services or special offers.
  5. List your business in free online business directories.  E.g. An Accounting practice may be a Xero software business partner so it would be a great idea to list on the Xero Partner directory.
  6. Attend Local Networking events or Meet Ups For example MeetUps in Melbourne. Visit the Business Victoria website for additional events and workshops that are held across Melbourne. 
  7. Hand out your business cards. Don’t leave them in your top drawer or pocket! They are no use to you there.
  8. Create a blog and post relevant, interesting engaging content.  This will help you to attract relevant traffic to your website.
  9. Install ‘follow and social sharing buttons’ in your email marketing and on your blogs to make it easier for readers to share your content or follow your brand.
  10. Give away a prize at a local community event. Make sure you include your logo / branding and contact details in the giveaway. 
  11. Connect with your target audience.  For example join a ‘Facebook group’ where your target audience might hang out. These might be special interest groups, for instance if you are a therapist helping people overcome divorce or family break down, join relevant online groups, then provide authentic advice and links to helpful resources. This will help you build your profile as an expert and trusted source of advice amongst your target audience.
  12. Create a product bundle that gives customers a discount.  E.g. Buy this whole package, get $X discount. 
  13. Listen to business podcasts like, Her empire builder – with Tina Tower, or MyBusiness Podcasts which presents conversations with real-life business owners about their successes and struggles. This may give you fresh new ideas about sales, marketing, HR, finance, and information technology on how to grow or improve your business.
  14. Grow your email list by running a contest.
  15. Speak at an industry event that is relevant to your business.  Think about events that your prospective customers would attend.  Reach out to organisers and ask for a speaking spot.
  16. Ask happy customers for referrals!

I hope this list provides you with some practical tips and inspiration to keep you focused on growing your business. If you get stuck or need more help with your small business marketing.  Check out the Small Chilli Marketing blog or our Facebook business page or  get in touch.